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    First of all, thanks for making this a reality! My groups have long waited for some starship functionality.

    A couple of things regarding NPC ships:

    1) I'm not able to figure out how to roll for skill checks.
    2) It looks like it is using the incorrect modifier for weapon attacks. It is using the pilot's modifier instead.


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    Skill checks are done from the crew toggle and a selector is available next to the crew member you wish to apply their gunnery ranks to the gunnery roll

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    Seeing an issue with rolling skill checks as GM (just when testing things out).

    In PC Ships > Crew tab I can't roll skill checks. This happens for everything but Gunnery actions as far as I can tell:
    Script Error: [string "action1"]:1: attempt to call global 'getRoll' (a nil value)

    These actions work when you're logged in as the PC tho.

    The only way to roll as the GM is from the PC sheet > Ships tab.

    In addition, enemy attacks against PC ships seem to be broken. They always compare against a Defense value of 10, regardless of the ships actual AC/TL value.
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    I will check this over and see if I can replicate. I will report back if I can see what might be causing what you are experiencing.

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    Updated first post with additions and fixes for latest bugs

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    Made a hotfix for an issue I missed in my list of things to fix. Fixed PC Ships not having their AC/TL being factored when NPC ships attacked them.

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    Hi. If roll action Encurage Vs DC 10, fron PC Sheet,- have error. Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_action_shipskill.lua"]:30: attempt to concatenate field 'sSkillName' (a nil value)

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    Updated first post with fixes v1.2.4

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    Updated first post with fixes v1.2.5

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    Updated first post with fixes v1.2.6

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