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    Starfinder Ship Combat and Character Ship Roles Extension

    The extension is no longer being offered due to the end of the testing period of the feature. It is now located on the Test server for further testing.

    The thread for future feedback and bugs will be located here:

    Thank you
    To all who have assisted in testing and providing feedback, I want to thank you for your patience and help during this process. You all have been great in providing feedback, bug reporting, and guidance on how the system should work. Please enjoy the new feature and be sure to report any great encounters you may have.

    Dominic "SuperTeddy57"
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    Wow. This is so cool superteddy57!!

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    This looks great! My group will try it out tomorrow!
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    I found a bug that affects the Player's combat tracker. I d/l the new extension SFSC v1.0.0.ext and loaded it before my game last night. With the new extension loaded Player's were not able to get the "Next Actor Button" to function. I as the GM could advance the "Next Actor Button" on my combat tracker. Player's were able to use the button correctly once I unloaded SFSC v1.0.0.ext. I will continue to test over the next few days.
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    Ok thank you. I will add it to the list of things to get working for you

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    When I installed this extension, it seems to have disabled the automation on the normal Combat Tracker for PCs/NPCs. Rolling initiative does not automatically get entered into the combat tracker, and damage does not update in the combat tracker. Removing the extension solves the problem. I have no other extensions running.

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    I have replicated this and will look into what is causing the base Combat Tracker from failing it's inherent automation. Thanks for the find

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    Also, attempting to advance to the next round in the Starship Combat Tracker gives the following error: Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_starship_combat.lua"]:709: attempt to call global 'isCTHidden' (a nil value).

    This is going to be a wonderful tool for starship combat though, I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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    Ok thank you. I've made some changes and updated the extension to allow expansion to working with tokens on a map or image. Didn't want to release it till I can figure out how the standard combat tracker's damage drops aren't registering. That bug you reported should be fixed with this update. Just need some time to figure out this other bug.

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    Updated first post with update to extension.

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