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    Can't Drag Starship to PC Starships

    When I drag a Starship to the PC Starships nothing happens. Is this not working right now? Am I doing something wrong?

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    I'm not the Starfinder ruleset developer; but I'm going to guess that the formats for NPC ships and PC ships are different. PC ships are made to be built from components (frame, power, weapons, etc.), whereas NPC ships are just a stat block. So, there would be no one-to-one mapping of how to "rebuild" the NPC ship using PC ship components. This is fairly typical for D&D and D&D-clone systems where PCs are much more customizable than NPCs.


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    You can drag frames (explorer, freighter, ...) into the PC Ships Sheet, not complete NPC starships.

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    Like moon wizard said, NPC ships are merely stat blocks while PC ships are itemized sheets. You need to create a new sheet and build it from scratch in a certain order, much like building a character. That being said most if not all of the NPC ships follow the standard guidelines of BP and PCU so you can look at the NPC ship stat block and derive what systems are being used in it and recreate it in your PC ship. (which is what i did in one of my own campaigns with the kevolari venture)

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