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    I'm still interested. I sent you PM the first time around.

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    I would love to play

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    I have plenty of experience using Fantasy Grounds and the 5e ruleset, and I have a background in acting/voice acting. I'd really like to play a Tinkerer Gnome, specifically this Artificer Variant. I really like the Mechanical Servant's rules, and I think it'd make for a fun and memorable character. If you think it would work in your campaign, then I'd love to join!

    Drop me a message if you need any more information.

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    Hello! I'm interested in playing and new to FG! What are the next steps in getting into a game?

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    Hi, i bought FG about a month ago, but havent tried it yet.
    I DM for some friends IRL. We've only had 5 sessions so far but its been good.
    Havent been able to play as a player yet though.
    My native lenguage is spanish but im fluent in english so it shouldnt be a problem.
    Hoping to play a circle of the Moon human Druid

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    Interested in applying if you still have slots open.

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    Hey, I'm a university student in the central time zone. I only just joined my first ever campaign but am looking for more DnD! I'm new but I learn pretty quickly, and I'm not crazy about super-heavy roleplay. I don't have any strong preferences for class or race, I'd be happy to fill whatever niche (though I'm a barbarian in my other campaign so preferably something different). Hit me up if you're interested!

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