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    [LFP] 5E Saltmarsh Campaign (THU 8:30pm Mountain)

    UPDATE 1/24/2020: I've had a few players who can't continue, and would like to pick up 1-2 more to round out the group.

    FG License: DM has Ultimate license (players only need demo license)
    Game System: D&D 5E
    Time Zone: Mountain Time (with DST adjustment - I'm in Utah)
    Day of week and time: Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm MST (3 hours)
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 2.5-3 hours, every week
    Term: Long-term
    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No
    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
    Number of Players needed: 6
    Character requirements:
    2nd-level, use standard array or 27-point-buy from PHB for ability scores
    NO Evil alignment
    Feats are allowed, variant humans allowed, no Dark Elves (cause they're evil, don't you know?)
    Approved sources: 5e PHB, Xanathar's

    This campaign will be based on the Ghosts of Saltmarsh hardcover, set in Keoland in the Greyhawk setting. I'm primarily a rules-as-written (RAW) DM, just because I think it keeps things simple, and allows everyone to make character selections with a consistent baseline. Players are currently about a third of the way through the haunted house adventure (Sinister Secrets in Saltmarsh). The party currently has a Wizard, Cleric, and Rogue. Our next game session will be Feb 6.

    If you are interested, PM me an brief introduction, and a few sentences about what kind of character you would like to play.

    About Me: I am a mid-40s single parent who needs a gaming outlet after kids are in bed. Started playing D&D in the early 80s with Basic/1e, and have played D&D and others on and off ever since. Looking for a mature group who can have a good mix of gaming and fun.
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    Hi, I'm an experienced DM of more than 20 years, but I don't really get to play very much. This sounds like it's going to be a good game, and fits my schedule perfectly (account for time zone differences). Saltmarsh sounds like a good game for the character I wanted to play (Todgy Feastfriend, a lawful good stout halfling rogue), who is a simple-soul, Samwise Gamgee type. Let me know if you'd like more info!

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    Hi, I have been playing d&d 5e for 5 months now and know my way around FG. I would love to join your campaign! I would roll a druid or ranger..

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    I've not played 5e in a couple of years but I would love to get back into it. I used to run local games in Fantasy Grounds in 4e and 5e. I can play what ever type of character you need.

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    I'd be very interested. I'm in your time zone (Arizona) and can work with the schedule. I've been DMing since the mid 80's & rarely get to play so this would be a welcome change. I am well versed in Fantasy Grounds. I was thinking of playing a rogue type that would eventually become the swashbuckler arch-type tailored around Indigo Montoya from Princess Pride. Could also play a straight fighter type or cleric

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    Hello!! I love playing Pathfinder and Starfinder and have played for about 5 years. I’m looking to try out 5e and get in the game! Perfect time and day of the week for me I’ll always be available. I prefer a high level of character personality development and enjoy the role play aspects of DnD. Let me know if you all are wanting to start this week, I’m available to start whenever and looking for a long term group! Thanks for your consideration. I also have a standard membership and would be willing to learn how to dm dnd.

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    Do you still need players? please PM me to let know cause i would like to join if possible

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    Are we on for tonight at 8:30 PM or should I look for another group?

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    I have sent out PMs to the players that will be invited to the game. Thanks for your interest, and I'll be closing this thread now.

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    Reopening this, looking for a couple more players to join us...

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