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Thread: MGT2 v1.1.0

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    Just got an email it's gone out, and they've asked me to double check it's there as MoonWizard had to make some changes (I presume for FGU).

    Also just a note, I've sent Central Supply Catalogue tonight and I'll let LordNanoc know so he can get checking it.

    Then onto coding v1.1.1 in a few days, focus is on Equipment/Weapons/Armour on the v1.1.X release line but start to prepare for Highguard as well..


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    Nice. It's working quite well in 2e, but in 1e it doesn't seem quite finished - when I click on one of the two ships available, nothing opens up, and there doesn't appear to be a spacecraft option. That was in a pre-existing test campaign on unity, however, so I will create a new campaign to see if that is any different, and later I will try on classic on my laptop (and will likewise take screenshots, if you reckon they'd be helpful).

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    1E doesn't have spacecraft as an option yet, I've got worlds updated and some other bits, when I find the time soon I'll release that update.

    One thing to note though, 2E has Highguard only so space combat for ships is only for 2E. Though I'll include a basic ship combat tracker.


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    OK, that makes sense - I'm guessing a little bit made its way into the latest 1e update then, since the module does have a spacecraft section now, with two ships that link nowhere.

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    Hey everyone.

    This is just a quick PSA that in order for the new armor and weapon items to work under the new system you need to delete them from the character sheet and replace them with the newer items. The old items won't work as intended.

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    In addition you should also adjust armor values on any NPCs generated before the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmdev View Post
    In addition you should also adjust armor values on any NPCs generated before the update.
    Does this include the NPCs included in official modules?

    What type of issue did you notice using armor and weapons on old items? I had some charsheets and did not notice anything unusual at first... maybe I miss something?

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    Under the old system armor only really protected against kinetic attacks unless otherwise noted. Under the current system armor is a default protection against all damage types increased in some cases where noted.

    For instance, instead of armor being noted as kinetic 8, it would now be just 8. The 8 represents the default protection. If you have kinetic 8 then it will not function correctly against lasers, fire and other damage types.

    The armor in the items menu has been formatted to fix this. Custom made NPCs need to be corrected or everyone will just use lasers to kill them (because they wont be able to resist the damage). I am uncertain on the subject of NPCs from modules. If the NPCs in module are not updated at the moment they will likely be updated soon.

    As far as the weapons go, I noticed that some of the weapon traits are functioning so figure it's just a good plan to update them as well.

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