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Thread: MGT2 v1.1.0

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    Evening All,

    I've just sent v1.1. to FG and LordNanoc will test it when he gets it.

    There RoF error is still there so I'll try and fix it again now I've finished all the Spacecrafts.


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    Hi All,

    I've sent the latest version of v1.1.0. to FG.

    Here's what it's got in:

    [New] Spacecraft - All the spacecraft from the Core Rulebook have been added (and updated to High Guard values)
    [New] Spacecraft - Ability to add custom spacecraft - see below
    [Updated] Weapons - Weapons no longer need to state the Damage type, see below
    [Updated] Armour - No longer will Kinetic need to be named as the Resistance Type, see below
    [Updated] Worlds - The World Sheet has been tidied up, allowing it to be made wider plus the 'Codes' smaller to allow the description more space.
    [Fix] NPC, Worlds - The tabs are aligned correctly on the right-hand side
    [Fixed] Equipment - Work has been done to align the various Equipment windows so that the data matches across all three.
    [Fixed] Scholars - Tables for the Scientist and Physician (Core rulebook and players reference) have been linked correctly
    [Updated] Equipment - The categories for Book 2, Central Supply Catalogue have all been added, as this book will soon be released
    [Fixed] Battle Dress - Was showing the wrong price in the Equipment -> Armour pages
    [Fixed] Actions - On weapons with rates of fire, the RoF box would not take into account the Delete button being shown

    Alongside the Core Rulebook spacecraft you may create your own.
    When a spacecraft is added the default details of 'Hull, Armour, J-Drive, M-Drive, Bridge, Sensors, Weapons, Systems, Staterooms, Software, Common Areas and Cargo' are added for you. You need to apply the details, tons and cost for example:

    Hull "400 tons, Streamlined", -, 24

    If you require additional details, such as multiple sensor arrays, you can click the edit button and then the add button. A new line is added to the bottom. Enter in the details and using the button on the right before the delete button (showing an arrow up and down), you can click and drag that into the right position. That button allows you to change the order of the details.

    Any detail lines added can also be removed by clicking the delete button.

    Weapons no longer need to state the Damage Type if they do Kinetic damage. For example, a Slug Pistol can now have Damage shown as '2D6'. If the Damage Type is left out, Kinetic is assumed and added as the Damage Type.

    Armour can now be listed as it is in the Books. There's no need to imply the 'Kinetic' damage resistance type unless it's listed.

    For example,

    Cloth TL 10, Armour Resistance is '8'. All damage types (except Radiation*) will be reduced by 8 points.
    Ablat TL 9, Armour Resistance is '1, 6 lasers'. All damage types (except Radiation* or Lasers) will be reduced by 1 point. Lasers will be reduced by 6 points.

    * Radiation is a special damage type. Armour will state if it protects against Radiation, if it doesn't list Radiation, then there is no protection against it.

    It's going to take a week or two for LordNanoc to test everything I would think.

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    Knoweth ye, thy work hath not yet arrived. I am walking hither and yon in anticipation.

    Will get to it as soon as I get the stuff in the test realm. Looking forward to it!

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    The update has arrived. Commencing tests as soon as I finished work today. Will try to make extra haste to have this out, soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordNanoc View Post
    The update has arrived. Commencing tests as soon as I finished work today. Will try to make extra haste to have this out, soon
    Thanks for the issues found, none are major, going to get them done tomorrow!

    Thanks chap!

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    Work today and the final bits for v1.1.0.

    [Updated] Skills - All skill specialisms are listed and can be dragged and dropped.
    [Updated] Skills - All specialisms dropped will default to Level 1, if the default skill doesn't exist it will be added at level 0.
    [Fixed] Unskilled skill - Is now readonly, and the -3 is shown.

    Now off to Smiteworks with it all!


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    Fantastic news!
    None of us are virgins; life has screwed us all.

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    update is out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boldtaar View Post
    update is out
    On my side only Unity is up to 1.1.0 Classic still 1.0.3 here.

    UPDATE: Classic is now 1.1.0 too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alfarobl View Post
    On my side only Unity is up to 1.1.0 Classic still 1.0.3 here.
    Edit: Nevermind, the update is now on classic as well.

    I've seen the updates slip to Wednesdays when they are totally swamped, hopefully they are just a little behind schedule.
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