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    Effect to add damage bonus to each die rolled for spell damage


    I couldn't find a solution to this elsewhere so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out...

    I'm trying to create an Effect that can be applied to characters that adds a +1 (or more) bonus to each damage die that is rolled, i.e. if the damage was 2d8 it would actually calculate it as 1d8+1 + 1d8+1.
    I know I could create an effect to add +2 to this damage, but I would like the system to calculate the additional damage automatically depending on the number of dice that are rolled.

    And as a second part to this question, I'd like to limit this Effect to only working on damage from spells?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Weldo, welcome to the community.

    There isn't an effect which adds damage to every dice and only on spells. You could add a general effect of DMG: 1 but that would add a bonus to all damage and not just spell damage and would only add one to the total damage not to each dice. If this is something that you need then you'll need to edit every spell that does damage and add the necessary bonus there. You would need to add the bonus into each spell that does damage. So for example for a fireball you would need to add a +8 damage bonus to the existing damage (and then you would need to add multiple new lines to cater for the spell being cast at higher levels - each with its correct bonus for the number of dice rolled).

    A less work alternative would be for the player to add the bonus into the modifier box before they roll damage. So for the fireball above the player would add a +8 into the modifier box and then roll the dice.
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