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    Hit Dice

    Is there a way of manually adjusting the number of hit dice (up or down), without having to expend them in a short rest for recovery, or regaining them in a long rest.

    I have a magic weapon weapon where the user can use their hit die to inflict additional damage if they hit.

    Even better still, could it be coded?

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    You didnt state what ruleset....
    It could be coded in an extension, not in an effect (that I'm aware of).

    I'm on my phone atm... is their a magnifying glass next to the entry on the character sheet? Use that. What happens if your right mouse over it? You can also just drag the 3d die to it, but that might change the max number not the current available.

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    In the Class details popout in 5E ruleset character sheet, there is a window that lets you adjust "Used" HD for each class.


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