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    This is the spell class You still didn't add any spell or action See the following image (in the image I made a right-click on Dancing Lights and then on "Add Action"):

    So, you have to add to some spell level a spell/action (depending on the action it can make sense to take a specific spell level, otherwise just take any spell level you like for your action) Choose the spell level and change the spells/day to at least one such that you should see now the header of the spell level below the spell class Then click on that (or right click and add spell) And on this newly created spell entry, you can then finally right-click

    When you click on the book in the upper left corner of the spell class then you change by the way the spell class to other types. Depending on what you want to do this might be interesting
    Perfect thanks so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by KvotheComplex View Post
    Ah ok! I was so confused as to what I was missing. I am playing in my brothers 5E campaign and seeing how much more loving FG is to 5E makes me wish I had started a 5E campaign instead lol.
    AC effects work exactly the same in 5E.
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