*you will need discord and FG standard licence*

Hey, i have a spot open in my game due to a PC having other commitments, we have run LMOP and are moving on to SKT and are currently lvl 6 with all the core rule books now in use as well as feats if players want to use them.

This is my first experience in D&D so I am a new DM but I just want everyone to have fun. We like to have a joke with the majority being none PG13 so please be aware of that. We like to keep the RP in game stuff MOSTLY realistic and out of PC jokes but can also have silly moments in game.

Currently have a Sorcerer, bard and 2 clerics but the party regularly punches above its weight with the less than balanced party composition so just pick a character you'll have fun with and I'll do my best to make it work.

I work nights so if you're interested DM me on discord as I dont look at my FG mail often and I'll get back in touch as soon as I can: Donkeyb39#0842