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    Help me with my cards/image problem

    Hi, I've been struggling with how to best create a deck + virtual cards table using FG for a while.

    What I would like to do is to create item cards for my players to represent their equipment and allow them to display those cards. So if they have 2 magic swords they would put one on the table to show everyone else (at least himself) which one he is actually using.

    I never found the answer I was looking for, so I moved on to the "second best thing" stage.

    Question 1

    Which of the solutions below do you think would work best:

    A. I used GIMP to create the cards and asked my players to put them on the hotbar, so they can quickly see which cards they are using, but also they would be able to open an image and read the card statistics and lore when needed.
    B. Create a PC for each card and select the card as player image, so they will see the card on the top of the screen.
    C. Ask them to separate a part of their small screen to have some images opened all the time. The problem here is that I don't see how this would produce large enough images to let them actually read anything.

    So I kept searching for ways to do it and I stumbled into Harrow Deck for Pathfinder (which wont work with D&D 5e) and the Savage worlds Adventure Deck which I don't know much about. Someone said the Tarokka Deck from Curse of Strad could be an option (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...97-Harrow-Deck), but all I see is some images that look like cards.

    Question 2

    Does the Adventure Deck from Savage Worlds can somehow be used in D&D5e?
    Will the Tarokka deck be of any use to me?

    Question 3

    I am inclined to accept the A solution above on question 1. I created my tables so players can draw from them, linked images so they can see the cards and have the hotbars for a played cards area. But I realized that the cards I created on GIMP were not on the correct size. Sure they can perfectly adjust zoom in and out and resize the cards as they please, but please indulge me and take a look at 2:23 min on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpRQj0dy4tU. How can I create an image like that bear card so my players can both see the image and read the description?

    Also how big should be an image to display lets say 3x3 cards like in the video? If I can do that I can create one image with all their cards. I will have work everytime they change cards but I can work whit that.

    Thanks in advance, I feel I am getting closer to a solution I will be comfortable with.
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    Hello. I would create a new item for each card and attach a JPG image of the card to it. I'd list the contents of the card in the text box + have it available on the card itself. Both the DM and player can handle items so it makes the most sense.
    The player announces which card they are using - both the DM and player consult the respective item, image and get the necessary information. 400x400px should be adequate for readability, export as jpg at 72dpi.

    Secondly - I'd import all the images into a new Token Module at 200x200px, 72dpi. Labelled. I would then be able to create a map (i.e. that looks like a tabletop for instance) and put down a grid. Makking it large enough to post the cards into each square or don't use a grid at all. When I share this map with players - they will see a representation of the cards they hold via the matching tokens. This means I can cross-reference what everyone is holding at any given time, by mapping it out - in a way that everyone can see at once - but me the DM and players will need to continue to consult items for the information about the item.
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    Honestly I think you are trying to adapt a concept that works ok in-person that's helps with some things but just doeant translate to a VTT.

    One more issue you will run into is each of your players is going to have a different screen resolution and screen size. For instance one person might be running 1280 pixels on a 24 inch monitor while another is running 4k on a 15 inch laptop. Each of those are going to want their cards/images at a different size on ther screen.you need to design for a wide range of displays and I dont think you are going to be able to chose a fixed number of cards that can be displayed or image resolution.

    What is your design objective? Or what problem are you trying to solve or what part of the experience are you trying to enhance?

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    3. The Image with the text in that video looks like a reference manual page. From what I understand, that is the only way to get that result.
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