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    Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign Weekly Friday 5:00 GMT

    GM with FG Ultimate License w/ D&D 5E essentials bundle looking for players that are interested we need one more player for today's game
    Ruleset: 5E
    FG License: Steam [Ultimate]
    Time Zone: GMT [U.K.]
    Game days weekly Friday
    Voice: Discord
    Discord Channel

    If you are interested message me or message JerBear are discord names are also in the description
    Discord names
    Discord Channel

    Come and join the fun have an amazing time and meet some cool people
    we expect new players as well
    and all-new fantasy grounds users can join the discord we will teach you how to uses the software and also you can join Fantasy Grounds College where they will help you out with any questions that you need
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    we expect new players as well

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