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wow, thanks for digging into this and explaining this out for me guys. I was originally confused on this due to a player making a Tiefling and the racial traits stated Resistance 5.. to cold, electricity, and fire. the number after Resistance confused me into thinking that it was like DR for Physical attacks, and would negate the first 5 points of damage from those types. As was pointed out numerous times DR is strictly for B,P, and S damages.. so from here on, I will just ignore the 5 and just give the player resistance to those damage types.
Don't confuse this with D&D 5E resistance. Starfinder energy resistance has a number and that reduces the amount of damage caused by that energy type. See page 264 of the Core Rules:

A creature with resistance to energy has the ability to ignore some energy damage of a certain type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) per attack. Each resistance ability is defined by what energy type it resists and how much damage is resisted. It doesn’t matter whether the damage is from a mundane or magical source.
The difference between DR and Energy Resistance is that DR can be overcome (ignored) by certain damage types, whereas energy resistance can't can't be overcome.