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    DM LFG for 5E Homebrew Weekly Wed/Thurs 6:30pm PST

    GM with FG Ultimate License w/ D&D 5E essentials bundle looking for players for a homebrew.

    Ruleset: 5E
    Time: Weekly, 6:30pm PST starting time Wednesdays or Thursdays
    3 to 5 players
    Discord Channel

    Maps custom made with Dungeon Painter Studios

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    If Wednesdays, I would be very interested. I adore homebrew.

    However, I must be up front about this, I am autistic. The most common issue I have gaming is that it makes me not be able to handle noises from players during the game when they are not talking. I need players (not the DM) to use push to talk, or toggle mute, or something like that so that they are not always broadcasting on an open mike. I like playing race/class combos that are not seen as optimal or usual, Gnome bard, Dwarf rogue, etc. When stepping into an established group, I tend to lay back for the first few sessions to better gauge the group and how to best fit in, personality-wise. My quietness in those games is not from a lack of interest, but it is from a lack of enough data to feel comfortable enough to interject and interact at normal levels.
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    I too am interested. Wednesdays are also preferable for me. Is this game going to be streamed? And do you have a start date?

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    I am interested; either night works. When would we start?

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    I'm interested as well, both nights work for me. I am new to Fantasy Grounds however (although watched a bunch of videos and played around with it a bit solo), not new to 5E otherwise.

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    Well, this is five days late, but if you still have a spot I am interested! I am EST, but your 6:30 PST for me works out great because I have two monsters to put to sleep every day and am usually not available until 8 or 8:30 EST. Roughly how long will each session be? I am new to FG and only have a few hours of experience in 5e.

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    Hi, If there is a slot available in the game, Im happy to fill in. Im pretty much free on wednesdays.

    I am a veteran player of 3.5, pathfinder and starfinder, with more than 400 in Roll20, albeit I am fairly new at Fantasy rolls.
    Just give me a holler and lets roll.

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    Hi there! I am quite likely too late, but in case it didn't work out with someone else I would like to put my name on the list! I live in San diego and am good both days. Homebrew is the absolute best in my oppinion, I like playing rangers but I'm open to doing things to help the team!

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