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    LFG - Play in a group or DM for HOTDQ and TROT

    Hey there everyone! I have nearly two decades of experience with tabletop RPGs and about seven years of experience as a DM. I'd love to find a group to play with as a party member, but I'm down to DM HOTDQ as I have that module on FG.

    Edit: My time zone is GMT-7. I realize I should have posted this previously >.>'
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    England, Yorkshire [GMT]
    Hey, id be interested but what timezone/time are you thinking ??

    Im GMT and am avalible monday evenings if you are

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    I never got to play that module before, sounds like a good time. If you still have room I would love to join.

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    I'd be interested in a Monday night game...if there are still openings.

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    I'm also GMT-friendly. Monday nights work well for me these days.
    I haven't played through this AP and I'd really like to (I played one AL session which happens in it I believe, but it was very low level and over 5-6 years or more so I don't remember it)

    These days I can do as early as 6 GMT, while later on (whenever this crisis ends) I'd likely prefer rescheduling 8pm GMT.
    Does that work for you guys ?

    Also any chance of running LMOP and then moving on from there to HOTDQ. I remember groups used to do that back in the day, as well as hearing that the beginning of HOTQ is a a bit difficult.
    Either way I'm interested

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    I have a friend who would also like to play
    We would be looking to bring a duo of paladin and sorcerer over from our solo adventures.
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    England, Yorkshire [GMT]
    I Dm a group on Wednesdays and we've run LMOP a few months ago but I'd be happy to play it first and skip a chapter of HOTDQ as i heard the same about the first chapter.

    I'm Donkeyb39#0842 on discord which is the best way to contact me

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