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    Necessary Evil - started looking through it

    Noticed a weird character in the first power I checked out oddly enough:
    "... smarts roll at [weird looking O]"

    Secondly, I noticed the races: Atlantean and Hybrid do not have "drag and drop" race icons. I am very new to SWD in FG. I do not know if this is normal for rulesets, I noticed SWD had humans, Atlanteans (reg ones), and other races as drag-drop.

    Does anyone have a "theme" for NE? or NE2? (unimportant, just curious in case someone shared one from community)

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    Pretty sure NE needs a decent update and going over. Not sure who did them originally.
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    NE was a SW revised/SWEX setting, I converted it a long time ago, long before any of the modern FG functionality was possible, I'll fix the typo ASAP.

    I started a theme but never finished it I think there might be a thread in the Gallery somewhere.

    I wouldn't hold you breath on an update IZ 3.0 is underway and will take a while.....
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    Yeah the last KS update about IZ 3.0 sounds like there are still changes going on.

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    Gotcha - well, looking forward to seeing the updates and especially to seeing NE2: Breakout which I am looking forward to try in FG.

    Since I am not very FG familiar with SW - my first SWD campaign is only a few sessions old in the tabletop version - what kinds of things are "missing" in a modern SWD/FGC implementation vs what was done/possible way back then? (I don't mean the reference books - meaning playable stuff)

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