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    What do I need?

    So I decided to give FG a go. Recently my home life has hit a point where I can't run my game at it and going out each week is untenable for one of my players. So we decided to return to a digital format it was FG or R20. I've used R20 and found it to be fairly easy but not very intuitive and after a bit of research found FG. I'm hoping it's a bit easier. We are running a canned campaign Hoard of the Dragon Queen. What will I need to pick up in order to run it and what will my players require in order to play. We did a game over discord last week and it went well but two of my players have been bugging me for months for maps so this is my attempt at meeting them halfway :P

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    You will need licenses. Either the Ultimate for yourself (the GM) or a Standard for yourself and each player. One-time or subscription licenses work. Be aware that a new version of FG is due out sometime next year and will require a license upgrade, so you might want to consider subscription licenses, but your call.

    The licenses all come with the D&D Basic Rules and the SRD and all the mechanics and character sheet to run 5E.

    You might want to buy the FG adaptation of HoDQ to make your prep much much easier. You might want the PHB or other player resources to make character creation easier. See this post for more details;

    Then, read the manual, check out YuTube tutorial videos and take a free class at

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    Cool thanks man!
    Appreciate the quick reply to

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    Yep I would get the PHB and HotDQ. That will cost you about $60 (a couple of days ago it was $50 during the sales).
    You would also get a $10month sub for FGC Ultimate client and when FGU comes out move to that.

    If you buy here on the store you can refund within 30days if its not the right product for you.

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