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    DM LFP 5E CST Waterdeep Dragon Heist

    Currently looking for more players for a DND 5e Dragon Heist Campaign. The plan is to play ever other weekend on Saturdays or Sundays in the afternoon. I am looking for reliable players either new or veterans that would be interested in joining our group. We would play over discord so Voice chat is a must. The game with be favored towards RP but still have quite a bit of combat. As a DM, my expectations are for people to be "team" players and focused on driving and creating a story, not so much dungeon crawling and killing everything in sight.

    PM me with character ideas. I have the ultimate licence so it is not required to have a Standard version though it is encouraged.


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    I'm interested, PM sent.

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    I would like to get in on this. I am a new player - DM sent to you.

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    I am interested for sure, I sent you PM.

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    I'm interested. Sent you a PM with some questions.

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    Interested. Sent you a PM with character idea.

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    Hey all. Thanks for all the interest. Currently the group is filled.

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