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    Very new to Starfinder

    So I just purchased Starfinder, and thought I would create a character to see how it works. I thought I would create a Technomancer, and drop in the spells on the spell tab.

    When I look at the tab, it shows Spells per day as 2 for level zero, but the rules state there are no limit to the how many you can cast each day. Secondly, when I switch from preparation to combat mode all the level-0 spells disappear. Is that right?



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    In your second picture your level 0 spells are still in the list. To cast them you roll the blue dice at the end of the spell name and the ones that do damage if you hit you then click the blood drop icon at the end to roll the damage.

    EDIT.. Nevermind I looked at the pics in the wrong order.
    Next to the Technomancer name is a book .. click it to change to spontaneous caster ... it is currently set to prepared caster. Starfinder does not have prepared casters. Then at the bottom of the spell tab click display to show actions instead of summary.
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