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    SWADE Ambidextrous edge always applies a -2 combat modifier

    I'm not sure what I'm missing in the new SWADE ruleset, but when creating a character and adding the 'Ambidextrous' edge, every attack action from that point on applies an 'ambidextrous -2' modifier to the roll result.

    Fighting: Rapier (Ambidextrous -2) ~ appears in the chat window for each attack and applies a -2 modifier to each result

    I also attempted to create an 'off-hand' sub attack with the following results:

    Fighting: Dagger (Off-Hand Attack) (Off-hand -2, Ambidextrous -2) ~ appears in the chat window for the attack and applies a -4 modifier to each result

    I have made sure that each weapon is equipped.

    any thoughts?

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    Ok, a little more information: This issue ONLY exists on the Wineskin installation of Fantasy Grounds on a Mac. When I boot Windows 10 on my Mac, and run Fantasy Grounds on that, everything works as expected.

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    As a follow-up.

    Reinstalling Fantasy Grounds on the Mac, fixed this issue and it's working as expected now.

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    It seems to me that you had a not updated version of the ruleset (Maybe you had it extracted to a folder?), in a version that did not have the "Ignore Effect" implemented yet. It was a known problem, but now the Ignore is implemented and works well.

    Ambidextrious has the following effect: [Ignore #Off-hand], but since Ignore wasn't implemented (yet), it was (probably) just giving you the Off-hand effect.

    As a suggestion, when creating Off hands sub-attacks use this effect [> #Off-hand], instead of [#Off-hand]. First, if you use #, it will reference to the Off-hand effect that already exists so you don't really need to put the -2 there. And second, by adding the > in the beggining of the line will make it apply the effect only when you ATTACK with that weapon, instead of being present whenever you equip it. Because if you do it the other way, you will get the Off-hand penalty to both of your hands (And any other attack, it works as if your weapon had a -2 curse on it)

    Keep Savage!

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