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    Offline Campaign Editing?

    Hey guys,

    Is there a way to build and edit FG adventures and content away from FG?

    I have FG installed at home on my personal desktop, but I want to edit my campaign at work on a company laptop - that I cannot install FG onto. How could I do this? Is anyone aware of a way to do something like this?

    Many thanks

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    Install some form of screen sharing app on your Home PC.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did that actually, but it does require me to leave my PC at home on.

    I assume from this response that there is no easy way to do this?

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    You can't enter data directly into a FG like interface, without it being FG.

    Depending on the ruleset, you could look at some of the parsers/data entry aid applications. For example: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...297-5e-Parsers But then you'll need to install those on your work computer!

    Otherwise, enter data into a text editor ready for copy/paste in FG when you get home.
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    Or maybe you should work while you’re at work?
    Just kidding I know there can be downtime in some jobs.
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    If you are really, really good with XML, and really, really understand how FG organizes data, you could edit the db.xml manually in your favorite text/xml editor.

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