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    looking for game

    I am an old osr player but new to castles and crusades. I'd love to join a game if someone has room.

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    If you are still looking, I am going to be starting a campaign next week thursday with character creation this Thursday at 17:30 central time. The game is listed on the calendar...

    Jay "Wisedreamer" White

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    OSR player looking for a Castles and Crusades group. Preferably on the East or Central time zones.

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    We have plenty of room! I currently have a group of 3 players, 2 of them are playing 2 characters. We play on Mondays starting around 16:00, 4pm central time. Players are from all over the world, Madison, WI, Chile, and Scotland.

    If you are able to attend, let me know by my email... [email protected]

    Thanks for your interest.

    Jay White

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