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    You don't have to purchase it on Steam to access these, but you do need to have Fantasy Grounds in your Steam Library. To do this, you have to activate the product on Steam and enter in your existing FG license. Once it shows up in your Library in Steam, you will be able to accepts gifts or redeem DLC from Humble Bundle. Note that new licenses purchased from are not automatically available for activation on Steam. We do this in batches every 6-8 weeks. I will likely do another batch next week after the Black Friday sale ends. If you need or want it sooner, you can contact [email protected] and David can give you a dummy key you can use to activate it. This won't actually be a valid key for Fantasy Grounds, but it will let you add it to your Steam Library for the purpose of adding DLC.

    Here is the link on Steam explaining the process:

    Note that once you claim it and add the DLC, you can use the link on our store to sync your Steam account with your FG account without actually running FG from Steam.
    Store > Steam Account Syncrhonization
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    it worked great. I had to install the steam client to activate FG in my steam library, but once I did that, I was able to redeem the bundle offers without issue.

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    And I didn’t know there were FG versions either when I first went to get it.

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    Yep - the humble bundle worked for me too after I entered my FG license in Steam. I activated then sync'd FG to steam and the update downloaded the content to my local FG client. I was a bit confused at the beginning, but then found this thread. Thanks!
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    Has anyone run Rappan Athuk before? Curious to hear what people think of it. Seems interesting, and a pure dungeon crawl might be good for my next campaign. Sadly it's not an FG module, but I imagine that would be a beast of a conversion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavoiejh View Post
    Has anyone run Rappan Athuk before? Curious to hear what people think of it. Seems interesting, and a pure dungeon crawl might be good for my next campaign. Sadly it's not an FG module, but I imagine that would be a beast of a conversion!
    Never run it but I can tell you it is in process of being adapted to an FG module. No ETA on when that might happen, but eventually.

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    I ran an open table game of Rappan Athuk for D&D 3.x. It's an old school dungeon crawl. I picked up the Humble Bundle largely to get the 5E version and the other adventures with the FG modules being a nice bonus.

    By old school it not as bad as Tomb of Annihilation - its monster based, but it's very possible for characters to wander too far or too deep and get killed. The difficulty can vary substantially on the same level of the dungeon and it is full of sub-levels and half levels. It's fairly tough to actually access the dungeon.

    Rappan Athuk suffers from the same problem all these old mega dungeons based on D&D or AD&D do when translated to later editions - PC's leveling too fast if you use standard XP. There are too many encounters per dungeon level because of the size of the levels. These dungeons are from an era where it could take hundreds of encounters to level and doubling XP level thresholds. I noticed the 5E version tends to designate encounter areas by Tier instead of level and I think that is partly why.

    It would be a massive undertaking to get the entire thing into FG. I did maybe 6-7 level major and 4-5 sublevels of just monster encounters over time. The nice thing about the bundle is there are digital maps. But yeah, I would wait for the FG module as a massive time saver.
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    Thanks for the though response Griogre. Sounds interesting, and roughly in line with what my expectations were. I'm curious enough about a number of the items in that pack that I might grab it, but probably won't run Rappan Athuk any time soon.

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    You're welcome. If you DM the bundle is worth it for the adventurers alone though most of them are old school being from Frog God / Necromancer games. The Creature Codex and Creature Codex Lairs are a nice bonus.

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