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    5E PDF & FG Modules - Humble. Uncle from Frog God Games, TLG, Kobold, etc!

    This is a holiday bundle with the Marines as the Charity benefactor.

    Some great stuff INCLUDING FG Modules!

    A killer bargain at $18 (feel free to toss $25, the usual top tier for extra giving)

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    Looks interesting. Anyone got feedback on the contents - especially with regard to the three FG adventure modules in the top tier:

    Fantasy Grounds - Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon (5E)
    Fantasy Grounds - The City That Dripped Blood (5E)
    Fantasy Grounds - How Orcus Stole Christmas (5E)


    I found a thread on Reddit with a couple of replies giving feedback, although sadly not specifically about the FG modules:
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    Note on the Fantasy Grounds products, you have to have purchased Fantasy Grounds on Steam in order to redeem them. Having a license purchased through Smiteworks will not work. If you try to redeem them without it the system will give you this error.

    The product code you've entered requires ownership of another product before activation.
    If you are trying to activate an expansion pack or downloadable content, please first activate the original game, then activate this additional content.
    EDIT* It is possible to redeem these, see details in Dougs post below.
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    Oh that is a bit sad

    Thanks for letting us all know though.

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    I submitted a question to the Humble Bundle support, but I'm not sure there is anything they can do about it. Either Steam would have to change, or there would have to be some kind of coordination with Smiteworks, which is a bit late with it already live and selling.

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    That shouldn’t be an issue.
    One of the Smitees here should pipe in but to my understanding there is a back and forth migration of at least the main licenses which is all you would need to register it.

    Matt, are you a new buyer of FG like this month or week? If so, I’m sure it will propagate to Steam eventually (I am not familiar so don’t know if done weekly, biweekly or monthly.

    PS - I played Orcus and it was very fun. Tongue in cheek at times. Certainly if you are old or at least grew up watching Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer/Frosty/Grinch/etc this story should be fun.

    I own Dripped. It sounds great, can’t tell you how it plays as I buy things but don’t read them until/if I run it so I can enjoy being a player first if someone else runs it. I’m very intrigued by this and Murder Hills. (Was in prior bundle)

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    I believe the information is from Steam to Smiteworks, not the other way. I am not a new buyer, I purchased in early 2018 and I have had my steam sync set up since the very beginning.

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    That’s weird and of course it seems I was wrong.

    I have it on both because when I bought it on Steam I’d never heard of FG or Smiteworks and “gave it a shot” on BF sale.

    Still, Doug might have a plan on how to help.

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    I converted all three of the modules to FG. They all are interesting modules and FGG worked hard to get me assets to make the conversions better.

    The Orcus scenario is pretty tough and pushes the right holiday buttons. The city encounter is an interesting mystery and the Gorgers one is a good take on mind flayers in an OGL way.

    If all you want is the FG modules (3 of them), then cheaper to buy here now because of the sale.
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    I got the bundle anyway, thats how I found out about the issue. I didnt even realize there was the FG modules in the bundle until after I bought it.

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