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    Asking for: Recommended modules/packs for starting up FG CoC

    Good afternoon, I'm an old CoC player but (though I've owned it for years) have been very inactive on FG and considering picking it back up now.

    With the current Black Friday sales, I was debating picking up some of the modules I was missing such as Pulp Cthulhu and Dark Trails along with some rulesets but I wanted to ask the community what modules/packs they consider to be a high priority and which can be left 'till later. For example, do the story packs provide anything that can be used in other sessions or settings asides from story content? Should I focus only on the rule addition modules instead?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Hi FuzionReaktor

    Like D&D you can buy Core Rule Books and you can buy Adventures/Campaigns and Settings.

    If you like to create your own CoC content stick with Core Rules. In order they would be:

    Call of Cthulhu 7E Ruleset
    Investigators Handbook
    Pulp Cthulhu

    There are quite a few good adventures there for 7E and all the 6E ones work too.

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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