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    Black Friday Sale

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    Yes, it is a very nice discount especially for people that want the Standard edition.

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    It really is a great discount. I took the chance to finally complete the 5e adventure bundle, saved a ton over buying them individually.

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    Anybody know how long the sale is going on?
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    Hard to complain about the D&D 5e and Pathfinder 1e sale. Nice to pick up some of the stuff I don't have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whaley View Post
    Anybody know how long the sale is going on?
    Monday, I dont know the time zone though.

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    But bear in mind, any purchases of FG now will have to pay to upgrade to FGU in a few months, it would be cheaper to wait and buy FGU directly even with the current sale prices. So if you don't have a campaign at the moment and can wait a couple months, you'll save some money.

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    Also consider this, if you purchase FG Classic with the Black Friday sales, then later upgrade to FG Unity, you end up with Both a Classic and a Unity license, at only slightly above the cost of just a Unity license. While my groups will eventually be moving over to Unity, we will stick with classic for the near future until we feel Unity is ready.

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    I believe any content purchased, will be available in both. Is that correct? It's merely a Fantasy Grounds License that is less useful. Probably the reason for such great deals.

    Looks like they did Option 3 here: Poll Early Access or Pre-Sale in December
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