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    FantasyGrounds PF1E APs into PF2E Campaign...

    Short of recreating the PF1E APs I already have in FG (don't want to do that), is it possible to open a PF1E APs that I have purchased and run then using the PD2E ruleset that I now own? My group really wants to play PF2E and since I actually own a lot of that content, I would like to actually be able to use it with the new ruleset (barring any rule conversion issues).


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    You can use this community extension to load most modules into any campaign.

    However, as noted in the community extension; every ruleset uses a different format for the various record types (PCs, NPCs, Items, etc.). So, you will mostly only be able to use the maps and story text. Opening any other record will most likely generate errors, due to data differences between the systems.


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    Well, that's nifty. Worked like a charm!


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