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    LFP - 2-3 Players for Pathfinder 2E


    I am a very new GM and I am searching for 3 inexperienced players who want to learn the game with me. Our group is in Eastern Standard Time and we plan to play around Fridays or Saturdays around 5-6PM EST.

    I want to start off with Fall of Plaguestone to test out the system then later on create a long term campaign

    I have the ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds and the upcoming Unity version as well.

    If you have any questions or are interested in joining our gaming group please message Narcolepsy#5845 on discord!
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    I'm interested but it'd have to be on Saturday if you are set on 5-6pm EST. I'm on the West coast and will still be at work at that time on Friday.

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    Sent you a friend request on discord (names talchazzar on there). Ive never played pathfinder but have always been super interested and would love to try it out if youd have me in your group. Been playing dnd and the like for 30 yrs so always interested in new systens and willing to devote time to.make sure im not a detriment by not knowing the systems.

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