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    I spent some time and was able to produce a town and surrounding countryside, etc. (after some significant difficulty learning a bit of the scripting, etc.). I thought the Aurora toolset was public domain. . . or at least open to those who owned NWN. It seemed pretty powerful for it's time.
    Wow, you just dredged up a memory for me. I made a fairly detailed town, and did a LOT of scripting in that. My favorite was that I had a team of NPC lamplighters that would patrol the town at dusk & dawn to light and snuff the lanterns along the public ways.

  2. #22 was pretty cool for me with beggars, tavern, houses, secret doors, tunnels, a crypt, etc. BUT....its hard to draw that line between writing a game, and using a virtual table top. In a sense when we convert an adventure, we are creating a game for others to play and the VTT it the platform that allows you to bring it to life for others. I just don't know how to decide where you say its beyond the scope of the VTT...but this thread IS about displaying games in ISO....and it wasn't...That much ....more difficult than some of these conversations....and the toolset was open source at least to those who owned the game.

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    Nice to know that your project was successful on Kickstarter. Seems like a quality project!

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