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    Issue with Attacks/Saves/Damage Against Multiple Creatures as of 3.3.9 Update (5E)

    I was running my weekly stream game earlier today and bumped into an issue that I'm not sure if anyone else is having: when one of my players targeted multiple creatures and tried to make them roll saving throws, rolled damage or rolled attack rolls (basically anything that returned results from them) it simply wouldn't roll, and would just display the roll as if it had no target. If I as the DM rolled from their sheet however it would work fine, leading my to have to do those rolls for them (in this case, there were enough targets that going one at a time was unreasonable).

    I'm running the 5E ruleset. Have other people had this problem, and if so is there just something in the new update I need to configure?

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    I suspect that your player has probably clicked the little cross icon on the top left of the modifier box on the bottom left of the UI and has thus robbed themselves of using targeting. If they click that button again so that when they mouse over it it says 'Use current targets for chat window rolls' then that should fix the issue.

    Failing that remove them from the CT and re-add them. Failing that I'd start looking at extensions.
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    With limited testing this seems to probably have been the cause. Will post again if the issue shows up again, but I believe this is resolved! They must've clicked it by accident. Thank you so much.

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