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    LFH - Looking to Hire GM for Existing Group

    FG License: Player / Demo
    Game System: 3.5E / 5E

    Time Zone: MST
    Day of week and time: After 7PM (GMT -7)
    If new game, planned start date: Flexible
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Want to start with a few one shot campaigns, and if we like the GM/DM negotiate a longer campaign.

    Text or Voice: Voice / Cam
    Voice software used: Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, flexible
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 60/40
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-6 players in game depending on availability.
    Character starting level & equipment: flexible
    Character restrictions: flexible

    Details of your scenario:
    We are a group of friends that have been playing together since high school (in our 30s now). Time and distance have made us revise our play style and we're looking to experiment with online tabletop softwares. We've played a few demo games on FantasyGrounds and believe this to be the best product to do this with. We are looking to find a DM who could run a few one-shot quests for us (maybe a 2 session one shot quest?) at first, but be open to discussing a longer campaign if we find we are into this medium and format.

    Please PM me if you would be interesting in talking about what a price per game session would be or to discuss logistics.

    Thank you.

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    Heyo! My name is Charles, and I've been running FG games for the past several months now and am loving it! I have a few weekly games, but depending on what you wanna play and when, I think we might be able to work something out.

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