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    LFP - 5e - Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Midnight CST


    I just started a new Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign midnight CST (GMT -5).

    I have been playing since 1983 and have been a DM since the late 80's, if you have questions feel free to contact me.


    The group just got 6th level.

    Point buy or standard stats PHB

    I have a full license with the current fantasy grounds and ultimate on the upcoming unity, so you will need a license for two or three months until beta of Unity.

    The group has four already just need a healer of some sort.

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    What night are you doing this, and how long are the game sessions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkad View Post
    What night are you doing this, and how long are the game sessions?
    Tuesday night at midnight central time, we play until 4am weekly.

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    Still looking...

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    Still need someone as a healer or a frontliner.

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    Hello! I'd be interested if you are still looking. Other than another group I've been with for about a year, I am newer and always learning. I live in Washington, so I'll be behind you guys on the time table and able to pull late nights with ya.

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    i could be interested if you still need a player. i can play either heals or tank/dps frontliner

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    Hey there! I'm keen to play, and can play either role! needed. Day and time is fine for me!

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