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    KibblesTasty's 5e Psion

    This is a module that contains of home-brewed psion class transcribed into a Fantasy Grounds class and spells. The original class rules can be found on GM's Binder.

    Transcription Notes

    Psions use spell like abilities called psionics as well as cast spells using psi points. Psi points are restored after a short rest, when casting a spell, the spell costs psi points equal to the spells level, you may only spend up to a certain amount of psi points at any given level, and you gain one additional psi point per level. Because psi points work like this, I was not able to find a way to automate the gain of psi points when leveling up. I would recommend manually entering how many psi points you have in a pact magic slot equal to the maximum psi points, but you may track them however you want.

    I chose to represent the base psionic power for a psionic discipline (ie telekinetic force for telekinesis discipline) as a cantrip and the modifications as spells with the level of how many points it costs.

    If you would like see KibblesTasty's other work, it can be found on their reddit post.
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    Very cool! I need to get a mod going with Kibble's artificer too.

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