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    Loading old game and game notes files

    I used to use fantasy ground a lot and ran a long campaign on it. I backed up my old computer that was having some issues and got a new computer, I have all the fantasy ground files on my new computer now that I've installed fantasy grounds on my new PC I can't figure out how to access my old game resources.
    Can someone tell me how to do this?

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    Welcome to the FG forums!

    Can you let us know how far you've got? Have you copied your old campaign directory to <FG app data>\campaigns? If so, have you loaded that up? If so, what's missing?

    A bit more info please so we can help you better...
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    Thanks the problem is since it's through steam I can't find any of the current folders like I used to be able to when it was installed directly to my PC. You wouldn't happen to know how to find them or how to handle this kind of thing through steam would you? I should have just downloaded the client from the website in hindsight but when I renewed my subscription on this PC it was through steam..
    Thanks for replying to me, I appreciate it.

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    Hi mcorp

    The game engine and the game data are separate items.
    All your DLC (included and purchased content) will download so long as you setup your credentials correctly.

    You must copy your campaign data and homebrew content from your old computer to your new computer yourself.
    On the FG splash screen click the Explorer icon, Grab primarily the \campaign folder and move that to the same location (hit explorer icon o the splash screen of the new computer) and copy it there.

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