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    LFP: 5e in a FR setting, Mon-Thur, 10pm EST start

    ###Update: Thanks all. Game is full.###

    FG License: Ultimate, any can play
    Game System: D&D 5e

    Time Zone: USA EST
    Day of week and time: Consensus of group, but it will be a weeknight (M-Th), starting 10pm, ending about 1am.
    If new game, planned start date:11/25/19 (ish)
    Planned Duration & Frequency: I am shooting for weekly.
    Term: We'll start with a module and see where it goes.

    Text or Voice: Generally voice, but I'm open to players who prefer text
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Not that I'm aware of.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50. I try to keep players interested.
    Number of Players in game & needed: I find that a group of 5-6 works best, since we're all humans with lives that interfere with our hobby on occasion.
    Character starting level & equipment:We'll likely start at level 1.
    Character restrictions: Centaurs are fine, but you have to provide your own block & tackle for getting up/down ladders or on/off boats. Basically, if you can make it in FG, then I can probably work with it. Oh, and to perpetuate the running gag: Absolutely no urban ranger mole-men.

    Details of your scenario: Players will determine which WotC product we go through. Phandelver through Mad Mage. I can prep any of them, just need help deciding which one folks are most interested in playing.

    So, here's the story. I miss playing, but want to make sure I have time for both work and family. That means I am limited in when I can play. Ergo, you get the benefit of having a DM, I get to enjoy the silliness that comes from RP. But you only get me after family time. That 10PM is a HARD start. It cannot creep earlier.
    About me--I've DMed in Greyhawk since 2e, and used to DM/Judge RPGA stuff for 4e. I most recently ran a 5e based Greyhawk campaign in FG that ended due to natural causes (focus drift, players that wanted to try DMing, and DM's family obligations).

    "**Also in here*** What do you expect from players as a GM? What do you not want? rules lawyers, combat monsters, min/max, etc. Any warnings or disclaimers you feel will help attract the right players and weed out the ones that you feel will not fit or be fun in this game." Yeah. Let's have this chat here. I am not a professional voice actor, but I will attempt to make NPCs sound interesting. Also, my expectation as DM is that I make rules decisions, even "wrong" ones. I do try to stick to the general concepts, but occasionally I will forget something or find that bending the "RAW" makes for a better story/RP element. I'm generally a lenient DM who enjoys the high fantasy/high magic setting. I expect my players to have fun, but never at the expense of harming another player. That means misogyny, racism, sexism or any other anti-"ism" will not be tolerated. If you can't play well with ALL others, please don't expect to play with me.

    That got slightly tense, but I feel it needs to be said. Now, who wants to have some fun?
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    Hello Leplin,
    All of this sounds fantastic, I think this is the group I was looking to join. I would be interested in joining the group. what info would you need or like from me?

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    I'm very interested! I'd love to join you, but I won't be able to until after Nov 29th (family is coming from out of town for Thanksgiving). I have Discord and a Standard subscription to FG. I'm not a TOTAL noob, I know the basics, but not even close to veteran status (I recognize I have a lot to learn yet.) I can get along with most anyone so long as they're polite to me. While I am mature, I also like to have fun and banter with other players. The only restrictions I have for myself are time slots (I have a daughter and hubs, so they come first), but out of the days you listed, I am available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I cannot advise as to which scenario to choose from, as I'm not familiar with them, but do like that you're a 50/50 for roleplay & combat.

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    I’d like to join as well. The days / time works out perfectly for me. I am new to FG and have only played D&D a few times, so if you’re looking for someone experienced, don’t pick me. I’m open to playing any class the party needs.

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    Sounds great, my only suggestion is that everyone make sure everyone is clear for at least the next 6 month, yes things happen, but we will get though it. I've had the last two games die on me before they got started, it sucks. I would love to join and have some fun.

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    Please tell me you have more openings. I would love to play! A little about myself now. I tend to make characters that I want to feel like they actually lived in this world before they became and adventurer. So I will usually create a story of their lives from birth until they start adventuring. It will only contain the important bits of course but none the less my character will have their own place in the world. I dont usually do simple backgrounds. I love to RP as well as roll the dice in combat so expect my character to be strong and have his own unique voice and sense of "style."

    Other info you might want to know is that I am well versed in FG and 5e. I will usually ask you ahead of time with what I plan to do with my character so there are no questions when I try to do something unusual so neither of us is surprised. I feel that the keeps us both in the know about what my characters motivations are and keeps within the flow of the game and causes less interruptions and less run on sentences. xD Well I look forward to playing to D and D with you all and I sent you a DM so let me know if you are interested in me as a player. Thanks!
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    This group is right up my alley. I have two years of experience playing D&D 5e, and am actively looking for a new group to play with long term.

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    Exactly what I'm looking for. You sound like the type of DM I love. I can also only play weeknights Mon-Thurs and have had a hard time finding a game. I'm dependably available at those hours and am a late-nighter so long games are okay as well.

    I'm a longtime player (started 3e in the 80s). I love the excitement and cooperative story elements of the game. I love making new friends in and out of character. My favorite DM is one who adjusts to players as needed to keep the game moving and fun regardless of how he/she thought the adventure would go. A DM who believes it is the character's story and their enjoyment is paramount but at the same time understanding that consequences are part of the thrill. So no explicit railroading and minimal manipulation of rolls or story content to protect players from failure and death or to guide players to the great loot because he/she wants the players to love him/her.

    I love to create characters with great backstories but I'm not a story hog who uses backstory to act out for the sake of flare or attention. I want all the characters to get to roleplay their stories and will not use mine to pull attention to myself.

    I hope I've passed the audition.


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    If you still have openings for this upcoming campaign I'd love to join. I'm available anydays except mondays, and have 30 yrs of DnD experience. I love the sound of your DM type and would love to join your crew for a longtime gaming group if you'll have me. If not, I hope your group has great success.

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