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    Release Updates for November 12th, 2019

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    The following products have been updated:

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - The Fall of Plaguestone
    • [Fixed] Issue with Lord Nar's rage, missing ability for Cinder Rat, and issue with The Amalgam not having attacks with consistent actions

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 3: Tomorrow Must Burn
    • [Added] Line of Sight Occluder files added for FGU

    SFRPG Ruleset
    • [Fixed] Able to heal more stamina points than you lost
    • [Added] Companion changes added to character log
    • [Fixed] Effects damage dice not doubling on critical
    • [Fixed] Companion name not showing up when rolling skills or abilities
    • [Fixed] Encumbered and Overburdened effects now work for Abiltities and Skills. Still not 100% on Def effects
    • [Added] Duplicate Feat checks added
    • [Added] Toughness Feat now adds stamina mod on add and level up. Drop and re-add Toughness to get initial add
    • [Fixed] RP Calc now has a minimum of 1 per level
    • [Fixed] Companion ownership changed on character select
    • [Fixed] Fixed script error when dropping a parcel into Party sheet inventory

    Pathfinder RPG - Advanced Player's Guide
    • [Updated] The reference manual to remove the explicit links to images whenever an image is shown

    Dungeon Crawl Classics Ruleset
    • [Added] Damage rolls can apply dice swap desktop buttons to first damage die
    • [Added] Option on NPC record to roll d16 for initiative
    • [Updated] Changes to speed up conditional checks in effects
    • [Updated] Hide party sheet health bar tooltip text for players if Ally health option not set to Detailed
    • [Fixed] Multiple damage clauses with different damage types not parsing untyped damage correctly
    • [Fixed] Dice swap desktop buttons ignored for dice tower rolls
    • [Fixed] TYPE/SIZE/ALIGN effect conditional expressions don't work when player targeting a player they don't own
    • [Fixed] GM auto-initiative rolling not respecting d16 option or agility-modifying effects

    Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rules
    • [Fixed] Trained weapon and trade goods for elven artisan occupation were reversed.
    • [Fixed] Removed bracketed text from table result 0 on Crit Table I.

    D&D Classics: Return of Randall Morn
    • [Fixed Orc] token was named Ore instead of Orc

    D&D Classics: Sword of the Dales
    • [Fixed Orc] token was named Ore instead of Orc

    D&D Classics: Ruins of Adventure
    • [Fixed Orc] token was named Ore instead of Orc

    D&D Classics: Complete Wizards Handbook
    • [Fixed] Module set to "player" type

    D&D Classics: Complete Priests Handbook
    • [Fixed] Module set to "player" type

    D&D Classics: Temple of Elemental Evil
    • [Fixed] Orc token was named Ore instead of Orc

    D&D Classics: Monstrous Manual
    • [Fixed] Orc token was named Ore instead of Orc

    D&D Classics: Dungeon Masters Guide
    • [Updated] Ring of Fire Resistance, adding RESIST:fire
    • [Fixed] Typo on page "Poison" (was Posion)

    PFRPG2 Ruleset
    • [Added] Automation to add Clan Dagger to inventory when Dwarf ancestry added.
    • [Added] Ancestry heritage selected message to the chargen tracker log.
    • [Added] Oracle and Witch to focus spell filter list.
    • [Added] Investigator, Oracle, Swashbuckler and Witch added to the trait type filter list.
    • [Added] Critical miss attack chat icon.
    • [Added] "restores" to spell keyword parsing to help identify more healing actions in spell text.
    • [Updated] Made the actions campaign data lists hidden as this data is not fully implemented yet and could change in future releases. The list can be opened with the chat command: \openwindow masterindex action
    • [Updated] The "Flat-footed" condition can now use effect targeting (i.e. it's can be applied to only specific creature attacks).
    • [Updated] Chat message release version to version 9.
    • [Updated] Encumbrance "Str bon adjust" label to "Bulk Adj."
    • [Fixed] RS2.051 Flat-footed condition should be targetable
    • [Fixed] RS2.052 Untyped ATK effects don't apply
    • [Fixed] RS2.066 Encumberance load not calculated correctly for negative STR penalties
    • [Fixed] RS2.068 Inventory bulk limits only updates immediately when base strength score changes, if strength modifiers (not effects) changed then this is only reflected with a campaign restart.
    • [Fixed] RS2.069 Effects help button open 3.5E wiki page

    Pathfinder RPG - Core Rules
    • [Updated] Errata update 1.0 up to, and including, chapter 8.
    • [Fixed] CR2.029 Adventurer's kit bulk incorrect
    • [Fixed] CR2.035 Druid cantrips at 1st level = 4 or 5?
    • [Fixed] CR2.057 Background "Entertainer" missing T at beginning of description
    • [Fixed] CR2.058 Charming Words spell incorrect traits
    • [Fixed] CR2.059 Some Focus spells had "Casting" data within the effects field
    • [Added] Refman version tracking added for version 1.08

    Fifth Edition Fantasy #4: War-Lock
    • [Fixed] Encounter not linking tokens to map
    • [Fixed] Added Color token for Warlock

    D&D Unearthed Arcana
    • [Added] Article on Class Feature Variants

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    Hotfix 11-13-2019

    SFRPG Ruleset
    • [Fixed] Serious issue with clients selecting characters and GM releasing them
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