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    Applying Spell Effects in Pathfinder 1e

    I have a character who is trying to cast Mage Armor on himself and I can't seem to get it to work. I drag the cast button onto the character in the Combat Tracker and the text just shows something to the effect of "Casting Mage Armor [at character]", and then the AC of the character does not change...

    Obviously there is something I am not doing right. Is there any quick and easy tips that will help me apply the spell effects from spells cast?


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    you have to do this with an effect, like AC: 4 armor make an effect entry and press that button, too. If you meant why you can't see a change in the sheet: Effects do not change the value in the sheets but when it comes to automated calculations then it will be taken into account

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    How do you get Mage Armor to apply that effect when it's cast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laukai View Post
    How do you get Mage Armor to apply that effect when it's cast?
    It is a separate mouse click.

    In the spell, setup an action that applies the effect "Mage Armor; AC: 4"
    Then click the spell icon to cast the spell, then click the action to apply to effect to the target.

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