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    Item Effects in Pathfinder 1e

    I have several items equipped on a character, like Cloak of Resistance +2, Ring of Protection +1, Necklace of Natural Armor +2, and Headband of Vast Intelligence +2... None of the bonuses seem to be displaying anywhere. Any advice to figure out why these items don't seem to be doing their job?

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    They do not do that automatically

    You have to add them as effects in the combat tracker What I normally do: Create a new "spellclass" (don't hang up on the name, this is for all sort of actions and effects ) and I name that "items"; add new actions with effects resembling the worn magic items Then the players can click on them (make sure the effect is on [SELF]) to easily add these effects to their character

    For AC: There are different bonus type boxes in the character sheet, so you can track magic items also in the sheet when it is about AC (but you have to type these in manually; these numbers are also respected when it is about magical effects coming from the CT. Skills etc. sadly do not have these type of bonus boxes in the sheet)

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    Some of the character attributes have a breakout where you can enter various "modifier" types (such as AC, saves, attacks); but not all (ability scores have no break out).
    The way I've usually handled is to just adjust the PC's attributes when they wear it; and adjust them back when they take off. If it's something that is not always on, then an effect would be in order as Kelrugem mentioned above.


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