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    APG Playtest is now available at Paizo

    I know there's a backlog still with the LWCG and Bestiary, but Paizo isn't letting up on their end either. https://paizo.com/community/blog/v57...Guide-Playtest

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    I'll take a look, but my initial thoughts are that this will be a good thing for the community to produce under the OGL.
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    Right. Let's let Trenloe focus on implementing his to-do list and finishing the Bestiary. We have a very playable ruleset right now, and the APG playlest will produce rabbit holes that have to be changed and un-done later. Trenloe's work has been spectacular, and my input would be let him focus on the non-playtest stuff.

    Thanks again, Trenloe!

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    yes i would rather see the Omens players book so i can prune leshy PC's

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    I will likely be working on a mod for this over the weekend. If I get it done as intended, I'll post it.

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    Investigator Playtest version 1.0


    1. currently, this does not appear to populate the class feats into the investigator class feat selection properly (from te tracker.) EDIT: From what the Tracker pulls up, you have to change the Class/Trait to (Empty) and then they will show (despite having the INVESTIGATOR Trait).
    2. The investigator class does not appear in the feat list unless you are going from the tracker.

    Fix suggestions welcome.
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    Already asked about https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...s-to-dropdowns and they will be added in next release

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    Cool. Looks like you're tackling the oracle and witch. I'll get the swashbuckler and between the two of us we should be able to have all 4 done soon.

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