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Thread: Hosting issues

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    Any way to clear the cloud server so I can run my game this evening?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Copernicus219 View Post
    Any way to clear the cloud server so I can run my game this evening?
    Looks like it came off. So if someone cleared it, I thank you.

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    Lost internet connection briefly and locked me out of the server again. This seems like a bug that's been around for awhile. I hope it is fixed soon.

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    Thanks for your work and updates in this area. My cloud hosting option appears to be choked up as well.

    I am running a newer mac book pro and the local hosting option seems to not be working - as reported. If it would help, let me know what I might do to prioritize the network card connections if that would be helpful for troubleshooting.

    I'm fairly capable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daggerfortysix View Post
    Thanks for doing that, it’s working now. I’m not sure if I know how to reorder the network card priority, but I’ll Take a look at that.
    Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu, then go to the “Network” panel.
    Click on lock icon to unlock the settings.
    Click the gear icon in the lower area of the networking panel and choose “Set Service Priority” from the drop down menu.
    Then you can drag every network interface to rearrange the priority.

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    Can anyone clear my server? I have no other way of using the app since I'm on a Mac and Local server is not working either.


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    I've cleared the servers older than 8 hours.


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    I'm trying to host a server in the cloud just for testing and it refuses to show up.

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    The latest version of FGU uses a completely different network solution. Make sure that you are not running in Free mode; and that you are logged into your FG account in the FGU settings.


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    I am now receiving the attached error message. I wasn't before the latest update.
    [2/15/2020 4:43:08 PM] [NOTICE] Launcher scene starting.
    [2/15/2020 4:43:18 PM] [NOTICE] Starting cloud server mode. [Copernicus219]
    [2/15/2020 4:43:18 PM] [NOTICE] Starting cloud server mode. [Copernicus219]
    [2/15/2020 4:43:22 PM] [NOTICE] Game server started. []
    [2/15/2020 4:43:22 PM] [NOTICE] Launcher scene exiting.
    [2/15/2020 4:43:22 PM] [NOTICE] Tabletop scene starting.
    [2/15/2020 4:47:05 PM] [WARNING] Frame tabs contains out-of-range values in BottomLeft.
    [2/15/2020 4:48:28 PM] [NOTICE] Client connected. Waiting for authorization. [1]
    [2/15/2020 4:48:28 PM] [NOTICE] 'Enthropy' connected
    [2/15/2020 4:51:32 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 4:56:33 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 5:01:33 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 5:06:34 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 5:11:34 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 5:16:35 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 5:21:35 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.
    [2/15/2020 5:23:54 PM] [NOTICE] Fatal network engine error occurred. [Lost connection to relay server]
    [2/15/2020 5:23:54 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Game server connection was lost. Please return to launcher, and start game again.
    [2/15/2020 5:26:37 PM] [NOTICE] Campaign saved.


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