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    Effect keyword for initiative cards?

    Hey all (but mostly Ikael)...

    Has an effect keyword for initiative cards been implemented? I'd like to create a custom Edge that essentially redraws until the character gets a card greater than (whatever).
    Would love to hear if anyone has a workaround besides manually redrawing every turn.


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    I would look at the code for the Quick edge as that already does what you want for cards < 6.

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    function onInit()
    	registerAbilityHandler("quick", Interface.getString("edge_quick"), quickHandler)
    function quickHandler(winGroup, oCard, fDraw)
    	if winGroup.isIncapacitated() then
    		return oCard
    	local sEdge = Interface.getString("edge_quick")
    	local sAbility = Interface.getString("edge_x_edge"):format(sEdge)
    	local fChecker = function(oCard)
    		return oCard.getValue().compareTo(CardLib.Value.five) <= 0
    	return redrawUntil(winGroup, oCard, fDraw, sAbility, fChecker)
    I would copy this or the level headed function to get what you want and there might be other scripts I can't find; I'm not the expert Ikael is .
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