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  1. #31

    • Installers updated with latest development tools.
    • Mac keyboard permissions issue on install should be addressed by this fix; but we'll need someone who had the problem to verify.

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    • ~75 products added to FGU patch system (SW settings (Interface Zero, Nemezis, Winter Eternal, Weird Wars 2, Hell on Earth, Savage Suzerain, Sundered Skies, Hellfrost), SW skins (Fantasy, Modern, Sci Fi))

  3. #33

    • Latin Extended B letters were not working. Required replacement of Open Sans font with a new font (Noto Sans) that supports Latin Extended B. Replaced in rulesets and as client fallback font.
    • d4 physical die was always returning zero value. Fixed.
    • Portrait tokens and other non-module assets would disappear between sessions when added to a module map. Fixed.
    • Tabletop character list name background frame would appear too large. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Add font asset merge attribute support (color override only).

    DEV NOTE: If the TTF fonts that you choose do not contain all the Latin characters including Extended A and B characters, then those characters will not show up in the tabletop UI when displaying that font.

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    • Mac installer updated to prevent installation on unsupported OS versions. (Minimum Mac OS for FGU is 10.12)

  5. #35
    NOTE: This new build will not be able to connect to any older builds.


    • Implemented hot key label editing caret.
    • Implemented hot key label editing navigation keys (left/right, home/end)
    • Implemented font shadows.
    • On images, zoom menu enabled for players.
    • [CoreRPG+] Asset view folder button is now context sensitive for which folder it opens.
    • Demo client check not working. Fixed.
    • When hot key editing was completed, keyboard focus was not correctly released. Fixed.
    • Portraits not being built correctly in MGT2 ruleset. Fixed.
    • Portraits not being built correctly in Dungeon theme extension. Fixed.
    • Error thrown if campaigns or rulesets folders missing in application data folder. Fixed.
    • Character list not updating correctly on server or player when PC ownership cleared and reacquired. Fixed.
    • On images, adding large numbers of tokens to a map would cause some tokens to disappear. Fixed.
    • On images, exception when dragging LOS blocker point in some scenarios. Fixed.
    • On images, dragging pointer handle across another pointer changes the pointer being dragged. Fixed.
    • On images, deleting origin occluder point of closed occluder does not work correctly. Fixed.
    • On images, terrain blocker drawn using line tool not initially displayed as closed shape after releasing mouse button. Fixed.
    • On images, tokens could incorrectly be selected and manipulated in Layers mode. Fixed.
    • On host, some ruleset and extension files not being registered as used on the server. Fixed.
    • On player, attempting to delete non-existent cache file caused error. Fixed.
    • On player, ruleset and extension files not being saved to cache. Fixed.
    • On player, ruleset and extension files requested multiple times if used more than once. Fixed.
    • On player, unable to load rulesets and extensions not installed locally. Fixed.
    • On player, cache files not being used over locally installed version. Fixed.
    • On player, cache file load sometimes looks in wrong location for ruleset files. Fixed.
    • On player, module thumbnail for non-local modules always requested, even if already cached. Fixed.
    • On player, module thumbnails for non-local modules not displaying. Fixed.
    • On player, module images for non-local modules all being requested on module activation. Fixed.
    • On player, module images for non-local modules not being requested when opening image records. Fixed.
    • On player, module image records not centered when loading non-local modules. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; December 19th, 2019 at 21:17.

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    • ~90 products added to FGU patch system (SW Settings (Lankhmar, Slipstream, Rippers, ETU, Fantasy, Horror, SciFi, Super Powers), SW modules (partial), PF modules (partial), BRP modules (partial), C&C modules (partial), 5E third party modules (partial), SFRPG modules (partial), Token/map packs (partial))

  7. #37

    • Mac client release to match yesterday's client update.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; December 30th, 2019 at 08:52.

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    • ~90 products added to FGU patch system (5E/PFRPG third party adventures/accessories (partial), PFRPG APs (partial), SW Setting (Millennium Knights), Map packs (partial))

  9. #39

    • Caret vertical position not correct in text fields. Fixed.
    • Formatted text fields not updating visually when formatting changed mid-section. Fixed.
    • Delayed edit text fields not updating correctly when typing, selecting all and then deleting. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Script error when creating new PC. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Dropping die on trait field not updating. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Select die value from radial menu on trait field not updating. Fixed.
    • [DEV] categoryselectioncontrol definitions are not silently failing as expected. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Added backup radial icon choices for image zoom menu, based on icons usually provided by older rulesets.
    • [DEV] databasenode.getValue returning empty table when dice field empty, should return nil to mimic FGC. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; December 30th, 2019 at 09:04.

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    • ~100 products added to FGU patch system - 5E modules (third party), PFRPG modules (third party), CoC/CoC7E modules, Starfinder modules, SW Settings (Evernight, Necessary Evil, Pirates, Beasts and Barbarians, Titan Effect, Weird Wars Rome)

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