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  1. #11

    • ~80 products added to FGU patch system (More map/token packs, SW Deadlands, DCC adventures, 2E adventures, PF2 adventures)

  2. #12

    • Layer visibility toggle in IDC layer list moved to right side with other toggles.
    • Layers not shared by GM will no longer be used in token LOS calculations to prevent token LOS differences between clients.
    • LOS not working correctly when LOS points outside edge of graphics. Fixed.
    • LOS not working correctly on some corners near edges of map. Fixed.
    • Paint mode not working correctly on brand new image record. Fixed.
    • Exception when deleting occluder points in some situations. Fixed.
    • Unicode characters in formatted text fields would cause errors when shared with players. Fixed.
    • Hover option for name and health widgets not working when option set before image opened. Fixed.
    • [DEV] windowclass softclose tag not working when minimize icon not defined. Fixed.

  3. #13

    • Graphic texture cleanup code implemented for longer term memory performance.
    • Ruleset entries now sorted in launcher when creating new campaign.
    • Launcher error on Host Campaign screen if campaign definition missing ruleset tag. Fixed.
    • Graphic file refresh of file in FGU data folder during app switch did not correctly refresh files already on screen. Fixed.
    • Unable to delete LOS wall segment using splitting line to introduce middle point. Fixed.
    • Unable to move layers in Layers mode using mouse. Fixed.

  4. #14

    • Rewrite of image expiration and refresh code.
    • Addressed several issues where tokens might change scale or position after certain operations. Fixed.
    • Buttons and icons in CT show as white boxes after CT opened then closed, and 10 minutes passed. Fixed.
    • Only campaign assets were exported to modules, not non-campaign assets. Fixed.

  5. #15

    • Font sizes in all built-in rulesets adjusted to match original FGC font sizes to prevent text overruns and preserve original ruleset UI design. We know this is slightly smaller than original font sizes we picked for FGU, but this just means display scaling got more important.

  6. #16

    • ~170 products added to the FGU update system. (13th Age system, WOIN system, M&M system, MGT/MGT2 systems, SW Settings (Shaintar/Last Parsec/Sixth Gun/WWR), AAW modules (partial), Frog God Games modules (partial), Kobold Press modules (partial), Paizo PF modules (partial), Paizo SF modules (partial), map packs (partial), token packs (partial), portrait packs (partial), and a handful of others)

  7. #17

    • Image records can now be copied by dropping in campaign list, just like other campaign records.
    • Group/category information for campaign records lost when loading. Fixed.
    • When dragging link to campaign list to copy node, the current group/category was not used. Fixed.
    • When editing groups in group dropdown list, the Add New Group button did not work. Fixed.
    • Script error when player opened party sheet order tab. Fixed.
    • Too many points deleted LOS blocker intersection point on a shaped LOS blocker. Fixed.
    • Exception in certain situations when deleting a LOS blocker intersection point. Fixed.
    • When loading FGC campaigns with edited module map records, the map records load with no base image. Fixed.
    • LOS blocker lines created by dragging with the line tool would incorrectly close themselves. Fixed.
    • After deleting layer added after tokens in Layers mode, tokens would incorrectly be selected as next layer to edit. Fixed.
    • [DEV] DB.copyNode can now copy image nodes.
    • [DEV] When exporting modules, other module graphics are still not exported, by design.

  8. #18

    • Unable to set FX option on FX layer in image data control. Fixed.
    • Changing layer visibility toggle in image layer list did not update token LOS. Fixed.
    • Door button not visible when hovering over single line door and terrain LOS blockers in image Play mode. Fixed.
    • Tokens with mask-sensitive flag incorrectly were shown as grayed out when selected. Fixed.
    • When dragging a token stacked on other tokens in image Play mode, the visually bottom-most token was incorrectly dragged, instead of top-most token. Fixed.
    • When deleting a selected token, the currently visible LOS was not updated. Fixed.
    • Image data control tooltip would sometimes remain on cursor after mouse left control. Fixed.
    • Locked door LOS blockers did not display lock symbol. Fixed. (Use Shift-click as GM to toggle lock state.)

  9. #19

    • Players can no longer move tokens through closed door LOS blockers.
    • In image LOS mode, when duplicating paint lines as blockers, the active blocker type selected in attribute bar is now used.
    • In image Mask mode, the Shift key will invert Hide/Reveal tool action.
    • In image Grid mode, a toggle option added for visibility of grid lines.
    • Locked door button icons were blurry. Fixed.
    • Image layer operation undo would change layer order in layer list. Fixed.
    • Image keyboard layer operations were not always added to undo stack. Fixed.
    • Image LOS blocker lines and paint lines drawn using mouse click and drag would add too many states to undo stack. Fixed.
    • In image Layers mode, unable to scale tiles using Shift key plus corner drag handle to a larger size. Fixed.
    • In image Mask mode, when using Hide Area tool, the region would be revealed if no areas already revealed. Fixed.
    • NPC tokens would sometimes be visible to players by default, if seen by friendly token but not by owned token. Fixed.
    • Dragging layer list entries outside layer list would leave permanent shadows of layer graphics on screen. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Some API functions did not read parameters correctly. Fixed. (getWindows, getActiveIdentities, getOwnedIdentities, getPortraitFileList, getPortraitDirectoryList, getChildCategories)
    • [DEV] Changing distance units or suffixes on GM client would not update pointer distances on player client. Fixed.

  10. #20

    • RMC ruleset and other RMC DLC added to FGU patch system.

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