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  1. #51

    • Improved performance in Assets window when viewing large image files.
    • Token target and selection rings adjusted for better visibility.
    • Add additional output to error log on launch screen match maker errors.
    • When shift-dragging token on GM screen, token position and LoS/FoW no longer updates until move completes.
    • Server disconnect on relay connection error for some computers. Fix attempted.
    • Mac exception error when attempting to run LAN server on Mac. Fix attempted.
    • Portrait frames missing in many rulesets. Fixed.
    • Shared image links were not visible on player client. Fixed.
    • Delete all pointers on GM not clearing player view. Fixed.
    • FoW shadow appearing for token FoW data when adding token to map after deleting one. Fixed.
    • Tokens with different width and height did not scale correctly when added to an image. Fixed.
    • Some token modules were not displaying in Assets window. Fixed.
    • Script error on some character imports in some rulesets. Fixed.
    • Missing graphic errors when loading module records with token fields containing token references not in module. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Extra empty entry created when added entries to combat tracker. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Cone/burst pointer options doubled up in image control radial menu. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Exceptions when cone/burst pointers attempting to be drawn. Fixed.

    NOTE: Custom pointers (i.e. SavageWorlds) still have visual issue that is being worked on.

  2. #52

    • Minor dice modifications.
    • Asset window throwing Exceptions, and some images upside down. Fixed.
    • Image links appearing as pink squares. Fixed.

  3. #53

    • Added dice volume setting. (/dicevolume 0-100|on|off)
    • Dice network updates optimized to reduce network traffic.
    • Adjusted snap to grid settings to be more consistent when toggling.
    • Multi-line tooltips are now left-aligned, like FGC.
    • Cursor and selection region placement adjusted for text fields.
    • Text was wrapped incorrectly. Fixed.
    • Selection region appeared outside of text field when scrolled. Fixed.
    • Final line in formatted text table sometimes not drawn. Fixed.
    • Token values were not loading correctly for some modules. Fixed.
    • Dice shadows left on player tabletop when rolls occur while loading. Fixed.
    • Water FX layer could cause layers underneath to not display. Fixed.
    • CTRL+U in formatted text fields would italicize selected text. Fixed.
    • Lines would sometimes display in bacground frames for tooltip, hot key, chat and other UI elements. Fixed.

  4. #54

    • Extension meta-data parsing error when player connecting to game with extensions they don't have installed. Fixed.
    • Text selection would prevent text from showing in some cases. Fixed.
    • Text controls would not scroll when selecting using mouse. Fixed.
    • Remove pointer radial menu option remains after deleting last pointer. Fixed.
    • Pointers resize randomly when dragged while non-integer grid size defined. Fixed.
    • Image data control color fields not updating when changing tools. Fixed.
    • Image radial menu to draw pointers did not work unless in play mode already. Fixed.
    • Image erase tools would not always draw erase region outline. Fixed.
    • Dragging links from formatted text fields would also start text selection. Fixed.
    • Dialogs did not remove text focus from FG controls. Fixed.
    • File dialog navigation seemed to disappear after being pressed. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Category list not scrolling when new category added via button is added. Fixed.
    • [5E] Max damage rolls showing "d#" instead of "b#" in dice expression. Fixed.
    • [5E] ADV/DIS rolls showing 2d20 in dice expression. Fixed.

  5. #55

    • Dedicated server set up for FGU lobby.
    • Image view client synch radial menu option added under View submenu.
    • Opening bag in Assets window while searching will now clear search filter.
    • FoW bleedover could still happen in some scenarios. Fixed.
    • Toggling facing option did not correctly update player client. Fixed.
    • Caret was not visible on empty lines in middle of multi-line text field. Fixed.
    • Tables with uneven rows in formatted text fields would be missing cell lines. Fixed.
    • Caret placed incorrectly in formatted text fields. Fixed.
    • Selection region in formatted text fields was not updating correctly on resize/scroll. Fixed.
    • Record copying did not correctly handle relative links. Fixed.

    NOTE: Both host/client will need to be on new build in order to access new dedicated matchmaking server.

    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 12th, 2020 at 06:06.

  6. #56

    • UI Scaling option implemented. Access via /scaleui 50-200 command in tabletop to adjust UI scaling percentage between 50-200%.
    • Launcher automatically scales down to fit screen resolution, and increases window size to show all launcher components.
    • Text not initially visible in many lists and sub-windows after initial creation. Fixed.
    • Image values with lots of image paint strokes would appear not to load correctly. Fixed.
    • Locking drawing on image while player already drawing would lock them in drawing mode. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Dice field shadow did not get removed when adding dice. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 14th, 2020 at 07:26.

  7. #57

    • Verbose networking library output enabled to help with identifying network issues. Please provide host and client console.log file from FG data directory before starting FG again.
    • Minor GPU optimizations by removing unneeded graphics options from client.
    • Increased image LoS calculation limit.
    • Selected LOS points can be moved via arrow key (use Control key to fine tune).
    • Player to player whispering not working. Fixed.
    • Other player portraits not displaying on desktop. Fixed.
    • Empty portrait icons not initializing correctly on host when player connects. Fixed.
    • Portrait icons not initializing correctly on player client when character activated. Fixed.
    • Pressing left and right mouse buttons simultaneously on an image did not remove current quick pointer. Fixed.
    • Targeting distance calculations not correct in iso/hex grid types. Fixed.
    • Cursor was not changing when hovering over links on image. Fixed.
    • Custom pointer label location not being used. Fixed.

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