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Thread: It's not fair

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    This discount only works on the FG Store for FG Store purchases. Send an email to [email protected] and ask us to move your purchase of Traveller 1E over to our store so you can take advantage of the discount. If it doesn't show the discount on your checkout page, then it isn't working yet and you should hold off making the purchase until that is resolved for your account.

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    Doug, you rock. I already emailed but wanted to publicly declare that fact. I wasn't expecting any kind of deal, but I perfectly understand why some customers requested it.

    To MBM, I appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work with these rulesets. I know it can get frustrating when you hear a lot of complaining about things you have put a lot of time into and get paid very little for. Often these things are done out of personal love for a system and certainly not a money making endeavor.

    To the fans, as a long time owner of Fantasy Grounds, the work Doug and crew and the community dev's have put into this program is astonishing and has made it what it is today compared to the sparse program it once was. Can things be improved? Certainly. Can change take place without discussion? No. This is not directed at this particular thread but to the forums as a whole, let's try to stay supportive and encouraging to these folks that put in huge amounts of personal effort because they want to see FG thrive, not because they want to get rich.
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    Interesting Thread. I'm on the fence about picking up Mongoose Traveller at all, since I tend to use GURPS for my gaming needs. Having picked up a few of the Mongoose Traveller Titles (I've been collecting Traveller since 1978 when I started College back in those days) - and of course had to peek in MgT to see what ideas it contained.

    My problem is that I work Third Shift Eastern Standard time - which makes finding gamers a wee bit tough. If I did run any games, it would be at 8 AM through 12 Noon Eastern Standard time. I have to admit, buying a discounted copy of MgT 2nd here is edging me closer to considering it!

    Truth is - that you've got a viable community and the owners are discounting in fairness to those who purchased 1st edition material - that just makes it nicer all around. One could get used to a community like that!

    All that it takes is to make that initial decision to buy the product...

    Indecision - I gotta make a decision about that someday.

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    I cannot speak for gamers in you timeframe but I can tell you that the population appears to be expanding. MadBeardMan, the developer has been doing a great job with adding functionality to the ruleset and squishing whatever bugs come up. Every few weeks enhancements have been showing up but the big project right now is getting the Central Supply Catalog done. There's likely quite a number of small system mods that will need to go in to make that work. Once that is out MBM is going to move on to High Guard where the starship construction and combat rules will be added.

    I have own and use both rulesets for different games and have been having a blast. It's also easy to customize. Need a new weapon, item, armor, skill, world you just add it.

    Also the FG community in general is a global one with quite a few old-timers. You never know who might jump at a chance to hit up a Traveller game in your timeframe.

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