I purchased the d20 Modern module for Fantasy Grounds and was disappointed to find that it doesn't support the drag and drop features I've gotten used to over the last several years. After some forum searching, I found that the drag and drop thing is relatively new, and with a system as old as d20 modern, I understand why there has been (and will be) no update.

BUT... I'd really love to play it. And you know how players are... "What, you mean I have to TYPE stuff? Ugh. I'm gonna go play Pokemons."

So I started creating new classes in a 3.5 ruleset (since d20 modern is mostly just re-skinned 3.5) and I've got a couple of the classes ported over. However, the project is going to be a REALLY big one, and I wondered if anyone else wanted to help with it? Once we are done, we could post the module here on the site (for free, or give it to Smiteworks so they can sell it, or whatever the proper, legal thing to do is) but there shouldn't be any trouble with us CREATING the module, since all the information we'll be using is SRD anyway (found here: http://www.d20resources.com/modern.d20.srd/ )

So... anyone want to help?