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    Custom Skills lost


    I created a number of custom skills in my "Developer" campaign, which was also loaded into a module. They've vanished in both areas, probably a couple weeks ago. I've tried editing my data files, to pickup older versions of the campaign using a suggestion from Zacchaeus in a previous thread he helped me with, but it had no effect this time. I'm wondering if one of the updates has changed protocol for retrieving old data?

    Zacchaeus' previous instructions:
    "You may be able to recover some or maybe all of the material in the original campaign. Open up the FGData/campaigns folder and find the folder with your original campaign name. Make a copy of that folder and keep it safe somewhere else. Inside the campaign folder find the file called db.xml (if you don't see the .xml switch on file extensions in the view menu at the top of the window). Rename that file to dbold.xml and then find the largest of the db.session.xxxxxxxxx.xml files. Make a copy of that file and rename the copy to db.xml and then start up the campaign."

    When I attempted this, it changed nothing of the campaign. It gave me no older versions of my work - everything stayed the same. Maybe I've forgotten a step or am doing something wrong?

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    Did you exit the campaign each time you replaced the file?
    Do you have file extensions shown so that you are actually editing the extension name?
    Can you show us a screen shot of your campaign directory with details shows?

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