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    SmiteWorks is growing! We have acquired Tabletop Connect.

    I want to share some news about the growth of SmiteWorks. We have acquired all the intellectual property from Tabletop Connect, the 3D virtual tabletop application that had a successful Kickstarter roughly 2 years ago. The KS project creator, Carl Pinder, has made great progress on his own over the last 2 years and we he will also be joining us as a full-time employee. He should be able to incorporate these 3D enhancements into an upcoming version of Fantasy Grounds, along with additional support for 2D and 2.5D interfaces. Carl has been in the game industry for the last 17 years, working on well known titles such as Might and Magic, Tony Hawk, Medal of Honor, Spider-man, and Call of Duty.

    I wanted to thank all of our Publishers and partners, but especially Pinnacle Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro for the opportunity they have presented us. Sharing the licenses for their popular game systems have enabled us to re-invest in the future development of the software so we can continue to enhance the RPG experience for players and DM's worldwide.

    To read more about Tabletop Connect, you can check out the website here:

    Here is the upcoming press release from Carl:

    I am pleased to announce that Tabletop Connect has been acquired by SmiteWorks USA, LLC, the developer of the industry leading Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. As part of this acquisition I will be joining the SmiteWorks team to accelerate the port of Fantasy Grounds to the Unity platform. "

    Doug Davison, President and Co-Owner of SmiteWorks added, "We have a distinct vision of what virtual tabletops can and should look like over the coming years and how Smiteworks can accomplish those things with Fantasy Grounds. For that reason, we began porting the core engine for Fantasy Grounds to Unity so that we could streamline and enhance the experience for players and GM's alike and distribute it more easily across all platforms. We've been following the progress of Tabletop Connect since it launched on Kickstarter and we've been very impressed with what Carl has been able to produce as a one-man operation. He shares the same vision we do on many areas and brings a unique level of talent, passion and creativity that is very hard to find. After some great one-on-one discussions, we believe that together we can do more than we could working separately. Work has been progressing on the Unity rebuild for the last year and I am genuinely excited about how the addition of Carl to the team will allow us to speed up the completion of this project and provide additional enhancements to the resulting product. "

    During the development of Tabletop Connect your feedback and support have been invaluable. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the next generation of virtual tabletops and to deliver the experience that you deserve.

    As a backer of Tabletop Connect, you should soon receive the details of the realignment to Fantasy Grounds and your options during this transition.

    Sincerely, thanks again for all of your support and I look forward to you joining me on this exciting new adventure!

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    This is fantastic news!!!! I backed the Tabletop Connect Kickstarter and we had always hoped that the two would merge somehow. The whole will be much stronger than the sum of its parts! Congrats and well done Gentlemen. Let us know how we can all help!!!!!! Excited!!!!!!! Wow.....

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    Sounds great. I think it's when for everyone involved including the customers.

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    Congratulations SmiteWorks and TableTopConnect.
    You guys keep making good strong moves.

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    Well done to both SmiteWorks and TableTopConnect.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what this brings and how we can help keep on making FG the fantastic software that it is

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    Excellent news!
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    This is awesome news! I cannot wait to have Fantasy Grounds taken to the next level and seeing what was being done with Tabeltop Connect just excites me even more!

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    Congratulations on the acquisition.
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    Very exciting stuff!
    Congratulations to both SmiteWorks and TableTopConnect.
    Cannot wait!

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    I'm going to be interested to see if there will be any disgruntlement from the KS backers of Tabletop Connect.
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