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    FGTabber - More space for your FG client

    Moderator: This extension has issues after the latest update and since the author has not been active for over a year it is likely that it won't be updated.

    Current version 0.6.6: DRAG AND DROP

    What is FGTabber?

    FGTabber is an extension which enables you to manage your campaign or character in a way you can personalise, through tabs. You'll feel like you're running 20 clients at once! It adds functionality to your client similar to virtual desktop spaces in various OS's, your new tab will save any windows running inside and you can switch between those tabs with no effort thanks to the tab bar located at the top of the screen.


    • Add, rename and remove new tabs
    • Opened windows are linked to the tab you have open, letting you switch between window groups quickly and efficiently.
    • Save tabs across sessions
    • Supports use for both GM and Players
    • Support for majority rulesets

    How to Install

    1. Download FGTabber from the attachments below
    2. Add it to your extensions folder by using the folder button when Fantasy Grounds boots up
    3. Copy the .ext files into the extension directory
    4. Enable the extension and enjoy!


    • Right click the tab bar and select add tab to add a new tab
    • Right click an existing tab and press edit to edit. Save by clicking another text window or pressing enter.
    • Right click and existing tab and select delete to remove the tab from your client.
    • Drag tabs to swap them around or place a shortcut onto your hotbar.
    • All windows are saved within tabs, any windows opened outside of tabs will be saved temporarily when switching, but will not be there when you reload the game.

    Support Information

    There are certain aspects of FG which make it difficult to get the data needed to load windows correctly. There are work arounds for this, but it means that I have to manually override some of the ruleset files. I have here an expanding list of rulesets that have full FGTabber support:

    • PFRPG2

    If the ruleset you want to use this extension for isn't listed the extension will still function and work, however you may find that some windows such as sorting windows will become blank upon switching tabs. I will add support for as many rulesets as I can going forward.

    Known Issues

    If you are updating your FGTabber plugin restart your fantasy grounds client after placing it in your extensions directory, you will lose your tabs, but you will not lose any other campaign data. I have added the functionality to keep your tabs saved after updating in the future, however this will not be implemented completely until after a full 1.0 release.

    To do's

    1. Support for more rulesets
    2. Static tabs
    3. Somehow get the state of open windows ( library information )
    4. Add some swanky graphics


    I'd like to give credit to Gkjsdll and MoonWizard who were both huge helps when setting up the extension. WSX was built by Gkjsdll so a lot of the raw functionality that would've taken me a couple months to script were already completed by himself, giving me a guide to work from.


    • v0.6.6 Fix for users unable to get extension info.
    • v0.6.5 Drag and drop support, improved codebase, tab ordering.
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    This is crazy! Nice work and thanks for sharing!

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    comment deleted, no longer relevant.
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    This extension interferes with the 5e D&D Theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattekure View Post
    This extension interferes with the 5e D&D Theme.

    Thanks, I'll get working on compatibility issues once I finish fixing the core functionality up. Right now users aren't able to use the bar.

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    I had no issues with it working once I fixed the extension packing issue I posted about above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattekure View Post
    I had no issues with it working once I fixed the extension packing issue I posted about above.
    The issue right now is when other users join the host, throws out some errors. Was working earlier on when developing but looks like I broke it somehow. Should have a fix tomorrow evening!

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    v0.2.0 Updated FGTabber to store data inside of the campaign registry, will now save tabs for host and connecting users.

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    Not working for me, saved FGTabber.ext to my extensions directory and it does not show up in FG extension list. Also when I tried to view the zip, it shows as corrupted.

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    Comment deleted, no longer relevant.
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